About Us

A big gap has developed, between Firearm Dealers and Clients, The gap - Common Courtesy.

Importing of guns, from overseas has always and will always be hard.

The Victorian Armoury is backed by one of the largest firearms exporter in the US, with buying power from all the Major and Minor Manufacturer's. With this buying power, we offer

  • Client Satisfaction
  • Attention to Detail
  • Competitive Prices
  • Time to source hard to get pieces


We also offer to buy on your behalf for a fee of 10% of the cost of the firearm, we are registered on all gun sites within the USA.

With this extensive network, searching for the right firearm for you, has become easier.

Come to us with a firearm of your choice and we will purchase on your behalf and guide you through the importing process. US Export and Australian entry fees do apply.

The correct licence and adherance to your states firearms legislation is a must.

All interstate firearms will be dealer to dealer transfer.

All Victorian transfers will only be with a current PTA that we can provide online.

Fees and charges are:First firearm $350 Flat rate for the export licence + 10% of the cost of the firearm.

2 or more:$250 for the export licence + 10% of the cost of the firearms

Fright,insurance and Australian entry cost are applicable.  

Air fright allow 6-8 weeks 

Sea fright allow 12 weeks (this is the cheaper opion)